Monday, September 12, 2011


Pakar-pakar psikologi dalam kajian mereka mengatakan ia hanya memerlukan 9 minit sahaja. Maka berhati-hatilah. Dengan menonton kartun Spongebob selama 9 minit, anak anda akan menjadi lembam. Bagaimanapun kartun Spongeboblah yang paling anak-anak suka.

Berbeza pula dengan ceramah PAS, hanya 9 minit mendengar ceramah PAS anda akan merasakan diri anda menjadi kartun. Lebih-lebih lagi bila anda diceramahkan berkaitan dengan BERSIH dan warna kuning....anda akan terasa diri anda seperti Spongebob. ELAKKAN DARI MENDENGAR CERAMAH PAS!!!
SPONGEBOB SquarePants can turn kids into dunces, say researchers.

Just nine minutes of watching the cartoon was found to impair the ability of four-year-olds to learn.
Their behaviour was also worse compared to children the same age who spent the time watching a gentler and more realistic programme — or simply reading. The findings yesterday sparked a warning from psychologists that the cartoon's young fans could find themselves out of their depth once they start school.
Professor Angeline Lillard, who led the research, said: "Parents should know that children who have just watched SpongeBob SquarePants, or shows like it, might become compromised in their ability to learn and behave with self-control."
Her study of TV's impact on the minds of American four-year-olds focused on their "executive function" — the ability to pay attention, solve problems and moderate behaviour.
It was found to be severely compromised after watching the wacky fast-paced undersea adventures of SpongeBob. Prof Lillard, of the University of Virginia, said: "A possibility is children identify with unfocused and frenetic characters — then adopt their characteristics."
She urged parents to bear this in mind when deciding which TV shows they let their kids watch. Prof Lillard said: "Executive function is extremely important to children's success in school and in everyday life.
"It's important to their psychological and physical wellbeing."

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cacamarba said...

haha..ceramah PAS yg baik utk 9 minit pertama,lpas tu sumpah seranah smpi kesudah..pak lebai yg denga pn ternganga..tp iakan jgk la.nama pn parti Isle..