Monday, October 31, 2011


Aku bukannya nak besarkan jumlah duit yang dijumpai oleh nelayan Jepun ni, tetapi sikap mereka. Walaupun apa yang mereka jumpa tu sangat besar nilainya, tetapi mereka sanggup menyerahkan kepada pihak kerajaan untuk diwar-warkan dan mencari siapa pemilik asalnya. 

That's a big one! Japanese fishermen net RM450,000 in bag swept away by the tsunami

A trawler off Japan has found a bag in its fishing nets packed with 11 million yen (RM450,000) in cash off the tsunami-ravaged north-eastern coast.
The money is believed to have been swept away from its unidentified owner in the disaster seven months ago.
More than 1,000 notes worth 10,000-yen  each was pulled from the bottom of the sea off the coast of Ofunato city in Iwate Prefecture.
City official Kou Ueno said: 'We think it is related to the disaster as no-one is going to throw this kind of thing away on purpose.'
Safes and envelopes filled with cash have been regularly turning up since the 9.0 magnitude earthquake devastated the coastal area, setting off a giant tsunami which left about 20,000 people dead or missing.
Japan has won praise for goodwill and honesty for reporting the found cash.
In the latest case, if no-one claims the money over the next six months,it will go to the finders, although a legal ruling may be necessary to determine whether the captain of the ship, the crew or the ship's owner is the rightful claimant.
There was no clear way of identifying the original owner, and so some information about the bag and its contents are being kept secret to make sure the right person gets the cash.

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Antara sebab - sebab yang perlu kita mengambil berat tentang apa yang dikatakan oleh Tun drm dalam dasar memadang ke timur disebabkan perkara - perkara seperti inilah.

Jujur itu penting.

Bukan katakan kita jujur, pastu tikam belakang.