Sunday, November 13, 2011


BN dahpun buka Kedai Rakyat Satu Malaysia untuk kemudahan rakyat. Angry Birds pun dah mula buka kedainya yang pertama untuk para peminatnya. Agaknya PAS, PKR dan DAP bila lagi nak buka kedai untuk lawan KR1M?

Jangan asyik nak kondem KR1M aje. Buat le juga dan buktikan kedai Pakatan lebih baik dari KR1M. 

Kalau kedai Angry Birds ni yang datang adalah peminat-peminat Angry Birds, tetapi yang peliknya di KR1M, selain dari peminat BN, ada juga angry birds dari DAP, PKR dan PAS yang datang!!!

World's first "Angry Birds" shop opens in Finnish Capital Helsinki 

HELSINKI, Nov. 11 - The world's first "Angry Birds" specialty shop of Finnish game company Rovio opened in Finnish Capital Helsinki on Friday, attracting numerous "Angry Birds" fans to visit. 

The "Angry Birds" game developed by the Finnish game company Rovio for touch screen smart phones has quickly become phenomenally popular around the world with a great success since it was launched at the end of 2009. Currently, the total downloads globally have exceeded 500 million times, creating a successful myth in the field of mobile games. 

Forty percent of Rovio's profits come from its derivative products of the "Angry Birds" game. Various toys based on the game have already become best-selling goods on the markets. Currently, the company sells about 1 million "Angry Birds" T-shirts and 1 million plush toys every month. To meet the needs of the customers, the first "Angry Birds" specialty shop sells the game CDs, books, bags and T-shirts, as well as various plush toys,including " Christmas Birds" plush toys that were specially prepared for the coming Christmas. 

In the "Angry Birds" specialty shop, slingshot -- the most primary property in the "Angry Birds" game, can be seen everywhere. Even cloth racks are designed as the shapes as slingshots. In addition, the shop also provides opportunities to customers for personally experiencing the charm of the game. Players can enjoy the pleasure brought by the "Angry Birds" game and have fun here.

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