Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Apa nak jadi le dengan dunia sekarang ni? Nasib baik le kejadian ni bukannya berlaku di negara kita.

Gambar sekadar hiasan sahaja
Schoolboy, 14, arrested after pensioner was raped by youth who knocked on her door 'to ask her about the war' 

A 14-year-old boy has been arrested after an elderly woman was subjected to a horrific rape by a youth who knocked on the door saying he wanted to talk to her about the war. 

The woman was pushed to the ground and attacked in Banbury, Oxfordshire, over the Remembrance weekend. 

It is understood the unsuspecting victim, aged in her mid-70s, invited the youth inside after he knocked on the door of her home in Highlands, in the Hardwick area of the town. 

Police officers investigating said the pensioner's ordeal lasted for 20 minutes before she managed to activate a personal care alarm that was around her neck. 

The boy fled as call handlers sent help to the woman's home, shortly after 9am on Saturday. Police raced to the scene but were unable to find the attacker. 

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Hayles from Oxfordshire Police said: 'It is a calculating and horrifying attack and it is particularly unusual. 

'I have not come across these types of circumstances before.' 

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said: 'At about 9am, a teenager knocked on the door of a house in the area of Highlands in Hardwick, Banbury. 

'He asked the occupant, a woman in her 70s, if he could talk to her about the war. 

'Once inside her home, he pushed the woman to the floor and raped her.' 

Officers also appealed for other pensioners who might have been visited by a boy asking questions about the war, to contact them. 

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