Monday, September 26, 2011


Tian Chua yang mungkin bangga dengan undangan untuk bercakap dalam satu forum yang dianjurkan oleh Singapore For Democratic telah menyatakan pandangannya bahawa Singapore kini tertekan untuk menyemak semula akta ISAnya berikutan pemansuhan akta tersebut yang dilakukan Malaysia.
Kena bodoh-bodohkan dengan Singaporean aje...
Pandangannya itu telah diberitakan oleh The Sunday Times, Singapore. Nak tau apa Cina Singapore cakap balik kat Tian Chua,

jlfhui 2 hours ago
Don't crow too loudly, just watch what Malaysia will do to replace the yet-to-be repealed ISA ... Malaysia's Parliament has yet to sit to act on their PM's promise, which is a great PR exercise. 

Singapore is not about to face an election so the pressure is not as great as the Malaysian opposition MP would like it to be. Besides, Malaysian MP better refrain from muddying their neigbhour's political waters.

YapTY 5 hours ago
Our government will make its own decision, no need to be "pressurized" by the Malaysian decision. Every country has its own needs. Keep it as long as it keeps us safe and for as long as it is required!

fivefootway 8 hours ago
Now that's interesting.. shouldnt Mr. TC be concern about the Malaysian ISA instead of Singapore's? The leaders of Singapore can handle pressures very well, in case Mr. TC lost touch..

John 13 hours ago
Parti Keadilan Rakyat MP Tian Chua is really a poor guy. Nobody in malaysia listen to him, especially chinese. He is first to support Anwar and co-founder of PKR.

He is always targeted and bashed up (i saw him been kicked on the head and back by malaysian malay police on TV news). Really a pathetic man...looks as if he is suffering from internal injuries.

evelyn35 12 hours ago in reply to TheGuiltyByStander
Appreciate much all that you've said and so well said. 
If MP Tian Chua is afraid in his home country he should be talking to his Government and not overstep his boundary. Singapore surely doesn’t need him to tell us what to do and what is right for us. Time is the most honest and reliable revelation of truths, so the saying goes “time will tell”. Singapore stands tall in spite of the tremendous pressures both from within and without. This is attributed not only to a good and effective Government that upholds good governance, but a citizenry that is by and large sensible, harmonious and understood well what is good for them and their offspring.

Nak tengok apa lagi dia orang tibai Tian Chua, sila klik SINI


Anonymous said...

padan muka Tian Chua

Anonymous said...

TC cibai nim layak cakap pasai no ekoq ja........

PNBBOdoh! said...

PNB tak sepatutnya membeli syarikat Cina menggunakan tunai sehingga 5 billion.

Ini hanya membuat kelas rakyat cina billionaire.

Lebih baik PNB perkuatkan I and P atau buat syarikat developer baru dengan wang begitu banyak berbillion.

Biar Melayu jadi billionaire. Ini tidak duit PNB buat Cina jadi billionaire. Lepas itu dengan wang yang banyak dia akan buat syarikat juga yang akan compete dengan PNB.

Jangan buat cina jadi bilionaire itu matlamatnya. Jangan cari jalan mudah!