Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Pemimpin-pemimpin DAP, PKR dan PAS kena malu dengan budak kecik ni. Dalam dia orang sibuk-sibuk dok pertikai business orang lain, serupa macam kira guli, budak kecik ni dah jadi toke guli. Famous lagi tu.

The tiniest tycoon: Boy, 8, is his own boss after starting internet business... selling marbles 

Harli Jordean is not your average eight year old. While his friends are playing computer games, he is busy liaising with suppliers, buying stock and handling orders for his internet marble empire. The tiny tycoon from London has been running the thriving marbleking.co.uk website for two years, selling anything from tubs of marbles to £599 limited edition Duke of York solitaire tables 

The company is now turning over thousands of pounds each year - with orders flooding in from as far away as America. Harli is so busy he's even had to employ his mum and two older brothers to help him cope with the sheer demand for products on his website. 

But, instead of being overwhelmed, the primary school pupil remains professional and has ambitious plans for the future. Top of the list is becoming the next Sir Alan Sugar, and like the Apprentice boss, wants to grow his young firm. 

Harli said: 'My dream is to have a chain of stores like Hamleys - it will be one of the biggest toy stores in the world but selling all sorts of marbles. 
'My friends love that I have my own business. At first some of them didn't believe me - but they do now. They are some of my best customers. 'I love marbles and I love having my own marbles company.' 

The astute businessman also revealed that the key to success is definitely delegation. 

'I like being the boss, but I like to get others to do some of the work so that if something goes wrong it is not all my fault,' Harli said. 

The excitable entrepreneur kick-started his way to becoming a millionaire when he innocently began trading marbles with friends in the playground. But when some older kids took all his stock, Harli turned to the bank of mum to buy him some more on the net. 

And after they struggled to find anywhere dedicated to selling Harli's favourite toy, he begged his mum, Tina, to let him start his own site. Within months of launching, Tina was shocked to see orders flooding in - with Harli handling them all on his own. 

Tina, 51, said: 'Harli has been obsessed with marbles ever since he was six. 'He used to sleep with them under his pillow. The last thing he talks about before going to bed is marbles and they are the first things he mentions in the morning. 'His obsession became so big we started calling him the Marble King - so when he wanted to set up a website it was the natural name for it. 

The mum-of-three added: 'I helped him set up the site, but he's now trading with the world instead of just the playground all on his own. 'Harli has a hand in everything. He picks out stock at the suppliers and when orders come in he handles it all, packing, sending - everything. 

Tina says Harli now wants to mass-produce his own branded marbles in China - before selling them the world over in his own shops.

Website budak ni kat sini: http://marbleking.co.uk/

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