Friday, October 28, 2011


Ingatkan Kristian semuanya tak peka. Semua boleh langgar. Rupanya sensitif juga mereka ni. Di South Afrika, iklan bagi minyak wangi terpaksa ditarik semula penyiarannya kerana menggunakan rupa malaikat. Marah Kristian di sana kerana menurut mereka mempersendakan utusan Tuhan.

Begitulah perasaan kita orang Islam, bila orang nak mempersendakan agama kita. Jangan buat perkara-perkara yang boleh menimbulkan provokasi dan ketegangan agama. Maka wajarlah saling hormat-menghormati dan masing-masing jaga agama masing-masing agar keharmonian beragama berkekalan di bumi bertuah ini.
 An advert which shows angels falling from heaven because they are attracted to a man's deodorant has been banned in South Africa after regulators ruled it could offend Christians. 

The 60-second commercial depicts a group of provocatively-dressed young female angels descending to earth in what appears to be an Italian town. 

Shocked locals then watch in amazement as the haloed women walk towards a young man who is preparing to ride his moped.

A final scene shows the women smashing their haloes on the floor as they advance towards the man, whom the viewers are informed is wearing Axe deodorant.
A pay-off line at the end of the advert reads: 'Even angels will fall.'

The advert was broadcast this year on South African television networks to promote the popular deodorant, which is sold in Britain as Lynx.

However it became subject to a probe by the country's Advertising Standards Authority following a complaint from a Christian viewer.

The male complainant told regulators he was angered by the suggestion that God's messengers could literally fall for a man on the basis of his shop-bought fragrance.

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