Saturday, January 14, 2012


Senaskhah Al Quran yang dikatakan terbesar di dunia di pamerkan secara rasminya di Kabul, Afghanistan. Penghasilan Al Quran tersebut disifatkan oleh Afghanistan sebagai satu pencapaian terbesar buat Afghanistan. Tetapi apakah maknanya semua itu sekiranya umat Islam di Afghanistan masih lagi berperang sesama Islam? 

Berapa orangkah yang akan dapat membaca Al Quran tersebut? 

The completion of the world's largest Koran was hailed as a major achievement for the Afghanistan when it was officially unveiled in the nation's capital. 
Measuring more than 7ft long and 10ft wide, the text's 218 pages are decorated in 30 different calligraphy designs and took almost five years to finish. 
Its inauguration ceremony was held yesterday in front of key religious figures, clerics, scholars and government officials to coincide with the opening of Hakim Nasir Khusraw Balkhi Cultural Center and arts exhibition in Kabul. 
The project was inspired and sponsored by His Excellency Alhaj Syed Mansoor Naderi, a well-known religious personality and leader of the Shia Ismailies in Afghanistan, it was reported on Khaama Press. 
Calligrapher Mohammad Saber Yaqoti Hussaini Khedri and his students started the composition in September 2004, which involved at least two years of continuous work for the shafting and archiving. 
All the 30 parts of Koran has been done in 30 different designs. It was finally completed in September 2009. 
Speaking at yesterday's ceremony, Mansoor Naderi described the completion of the book as a major achievement for the Afghan nation and all Muslims around the world, according to Khaama Press. 
Those behind the project were then handed Appreciation Letters by Afghan Senate House speaker Fazal Hadi Muslimyar. 
The Koran is the central religious text of Islam and is a record of the exact words revealed by God through the Angel Gabriel to Muhammad. 
Muslims believe it was periodically revealed to Muhammad over the 23 years before his death at the age of 40 in 632AD. 
It is divided into 114 suras which are classified either as Meccan or Medinan depending upon their place and time of revelation.

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