Friday, June 3, 2011


Kengkawan, artikel kat bawah ni aku copy dari The Star Online hari ni. Aku ada highlight benda-benda yang aku tak faham fasal KJ ni. Kalau kengkawan ada pendapat, sudi-sudilah komen.

Artikel ini diambil dari The Star Online
PETALING JAYA: A transparent auction system is needed to buy power from independent power producers (IPPs), said Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin.
He said IPPs were necessary as Tenaga Nasional Bhd could not be the sole generator, but a revamp of the power purchasing agreements (PPAs) was necessary.
“Look at transparent auction systems for power in the future, not lopsided PPAs like those signed in the early 1990s.
“Those were unfair to the Government and ultimately the people,” Khairy said in reply to online user “SP” during a live interactive session with viewers during Yahoo! Malaysia's Question Time segment yesterday.
He also said it was up to Barisan Nasional to prove it was better than the Opposition(*1) and not just tell young voters to be thankful and support it.
He said this was an outdated way of thinking and that times had changed.
“We need to show people what we're doing now, not just recount our jasa (deeds) of the past.
I am working hard to effect this change(*2) and so is the Prime Minister,” he stressed, adding that he hoped the rakyat would give Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak a strong mandate to carry out this change.
When questioned whether it took a privileged person with high connections to succeed in Malaysian politics, Khairy said this was something he was trying to change in Umno Youth as he did not want others to fail because of lack of connections.
“I will be roping in more talented people into Pemuda based solely on merit,” he answered in reply to Jambalaya.
He also said he wanted to move “beyond racial rhetoric” and towards more progressive politics that was beyond Malay issues as conveyed by groups like Pembela and Perkasa.(*3)
When asked his stand on the Opposition by Danielrajan, Khairy said all democracies should have a robust opposition but one that focused on issues instead of cheap personal attacks.
Khairy said he thought the 1Malaysia email project was unnecessary as the benefits were not enough to justify its implementation.(*4)     

*1: Adakah selama ni tiada bukti BN tidak lebih baik dari pembangkang?
*2: Betul ke dia kerja keras?
*3: Dia ni nak jadi hero filem mana?
*4: Mengapa banyak perkara dia tak sehaluan dengan DS Najib?

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