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Akhir-akhir ni aku tengok politik BN makin melalut. Kenyataan-kenyataan DS Najib semuanya macam dah tak nak undi orang Melayu. Puas juga aku cari sebab-sebab yang membolehkan aku "say yes" dengan DS Najib dari isu BERSIH, ISA, kuota Bumi, bagi duit banyak-banyak kat sekolah Cina, Namewee.....aku tak nampak. Nak ajak orang kempen "buat PM baru", aku tak pandai kempen, tak pandai ceramah macam orang PAS.

Nak kutuk lebih-lebih, takut pulak kena saman. Aku bukannya ada duit. Akupun tengah dok tunggu peluang kalau-kalau aku boleh saman orang, kalau menang boleh juga makan angin. Aku tengok rencana 10 pulau ter"eksotik" dalam dunia, rupanya ada 2 pulau dari Malaysia tersenarai. Memang hebat Tanah Melayu ni. Jom tengok pulau-pulau ni, lupakan kejap muka-muka politikus kita.
The romantic myth of the Aegean
The Aegean Sea is between the Greece Peninsula and Asia Minor Peninsula, dotted with many beautiful scenery islands, like a paradise on earth. The ancient city of Troy in the east coast of Aegean, Turkey, and Mycenaean sites in the west bank of Greece, which have been archaeological discoveries, now are the must visit places in journey of the Aegean Sea. Above, these desolate dilapidated stone, the sunny blue sky and white clouds and vessels roaming at sea, arriving and departing travellers, add more romantic to the sea and the islands.
Iberian sun
The Iberian Peninsula is located in the southwestern tip of Europe. The climate is quite agreeable: Enjoy sunshine at least 300 days throughout the year with temperature ranging between 18 c' 30 c', the scenic Gulf and the quality beach on raised coastline. The perculair and exotic seaview has inspired many Spainish famous artists' inspiration. For example, genius painter Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall.
Pearl Phuket
Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, the jewel in the Indian Ocean and the most representative of the Southeast Asian island tourist resort. First of all its charm comes from its beautiful sea. Types of beaches here are very rich: clean beaches, private resort beaches of luxurious feel and sea sports beaches with a variety of recreational activities at night. Therefore, visitors to go there, whether single or with companion, can enjoy good time in Phuket.
Love on Okinawa
Okinawa composed by more than 60 islands, is located in between China Taiwan and Kyushu,Japan. The sea of Okinawa is very clean. A large number of coral reefs grow underwater. Looking from the surface of the water, one can see the depth of water of different colors. Sometimes the sea is emerald green, and sometimes as blue as the sky. The color change creates extraordinary beauty as watercolor rendering. Driving along the seaside road, one side the sea, the other side the mountain, never let people get tired.
Romantic Hawaii
Blue coast, dry climate, clean beaches, abundant water activities, high resort hotels everywhere, together with the local indigenous music and dance, naturally exude a relaxed, romantic feeling. This is on the island beach in Honolulu, Hawaii.
It is difficult to find a place in the world like Hawaii making the body and mind completely relaxed under the tropical environment. The winding coast, with the embellishment of pineapple trees and palm trees, leans forward to the rugged green mountain road. In the evening, the warm sea surface reflects the gorgeous sunset, colorful umbrellas scatter in the shore and the fragrance of exotic mellow wine being released into the atmosphere.
Luxurious feel, diving in Saipan
Saipan is located between the Pacific and Philippine Sea. Standing on the highest peak on the island and overlooking the scenery of the super island, by the refraction of the sun, one sees that the sea has light green, dark green, dark blue, blue ink of different colors. That unfathomable blue ink is the world’s deepest trench — more than 10,000 meters deep Mariana Trench. Not to be missed on the island is diving. The Saipan authorities take measures to protect the surrounding waters, so that large areas of beautiful coral reefs can be preserved completely. The surrounding waters attract a lot of tropical fish.
Marriage of heaven Langkawi
Langkawi, consisting of 99 tropical islands, can be said to be the most desirable holiday destination in Southeast Asia. Clear blue water and long gentle sandy beaches constitute a paradise-like seaside resort. Verdant forests and mysterious and spectacular caves are the adventure areas with unique charm. Langkawi Island is also known as “quick marriage of heaven”, as marriage certificate of the local department of national registration may be made and issued in one day, and wedding and honeymoon can be held on the island.
King Island Maldives
The Maldives Islands, is located in the sea about 650 kilometers south of Sri Lanka, with more than 1,000 islands from north to south through the equator tandem to form a long strip of reef island group. Maldives is a King Island. Local indigenous villages are not to be missed as tourist projects. Shuttling in alleys separated by the gray and white stone houses, visitors can make a call with the leisurely islanders and then take Anthony boat to the uninhabited island for snorkeling, enjoying barbecue seafood in white colors of the beach. All these are really enjoyable.
Pleasant Jeju Island
Clear water color in Korean Jeju Island is rare in the world. It's a good idea for fishing during the small wind day. The fisherman will completely stop the small boat in the waters out of the wind by experience, and will guide tourists how to fish. Fishes caught from the Pacific waters are the natural growth fish, the fisherman can pick off fishes' stabs at once, slice them into pieces, and dip them in mustard chili sauce made by local modulation. A delicious sashimi is ready.
Dream island, Tioman
Tioman is located in the eastern part of Malaysia. It is the largest one of 64 volcanic islands there. It takes 55 minutes of flying time from Kuala Lumpur to Tioman. She had not been gotten impressive as Cinderella untill 1950, but in 1958 when Fox filmed a large musical “South Pacific”, the light of Tioman finally was distributed to the world.
Tioman is the natural look of many factors. The clear and blue water of South China Sea is one of the reasons for visitors deeply falling in love with her. Transparency of the sea around Tioman is exellent. Features about 100 meters water depth can be seen by the naked eye. So, nomatter the experienced scuba divers or the snorkeling fans making their debute diving will be confused by its rich marine ecology of the seabed and dazzling beautiful world under the sea.


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Tioman Johor dah dekat 10 kali.

Yang belum gi lagi Pulau Jerjak Resort dan PulauPinang di Kelantan.


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