Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Inilah bahayanya kalau tersalah pilih. Akhirnya yang tinggal cuma rupa sahaja. Yang lainnya semua dah terikut-ikut, sampai lupa asal usul hingga tak sedar bagaimana rupa diri. Ia hanya bermula dengan pergaulan sahaja.

Diharapkan artikel ini dapat menyedarkan kepada sesiapa yang terasa, terutama Melayu yang taksub sangat nak menyokong DAP tu.
Asalnya salah bercampur
kemudian terikut perangai......
...tuannya terpaksa melayannya seperti anjing.

A LAMB rescued after birth and brought up with a springer spaniel is covinced he is a SHEEP DOG.
Six-month-old Jack is so sure he is a pooch he fetches sticks, wears a collar and a lead, jumps up on his hind legs — and even tries to BARK.

Jack does not even recognise his own kind and tries to herd other sheep when he is in a field with them. Owners Alison Sinstadt, 48, and her partner Simon Sherwin, 50, were stunned when Jack befriended by their nine-year-old springer spaniel Jessie.
Mum-of-two Alison, who runs Adderley Wharf Farm near Market Drayton, Shrops, said: "Jack was born one of three lambs, which is quite rare.
"He was very small and we decided to bring him into the house and put the hair drier on him and forced him to drink milk.
"It ended up that he took to the dog and they now sleep together in a basket in the porch.
"Jack follows Jessie wherever she goes and even tries to copy her when she barks.
"He makes this strange half baa, half woof noise which everyone finds hilarious."
Bizarrely, when Jack is with the rest of the 60 sheep on the farm he tries to herd them into one corner of the field.
Alison said: "Jack doesn't even recognise sheep as his own kind because he tries to herd them up when he's in a field with them.
"He even fetches sticks and jumps up on his hind legs like a dog. When we take Jessie for a walk on the lead Jack nuzzles me until I put him on a lead too.
"He is so sure he is a dog and we treat him like one. Jessie is a pet but she lives mostly outside. Jack follows her wherever she goes.
"When Jessie comes in the house, Jack often comes in with him but we don't encourage it.
"The only thing which Jack does which is remotely sheep-like is eat grass. Apart from that he's just like a dog."
Vet David Howell said: "Sheep are more intelligent than some people think and they are very capable of learned behaviour.
"Most sheep do revert to their natural characteristics if they are not brought up in their natural surroundings but clearly Jack prefers life as a dog."

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